3DP-RDM Call for Participation – Scoping Workshop 30 January 2015

On the afternoon of 30 January 2015, 3DP-RDM will be hosting a scoping workshop at the Institute for Manufacturing in Cambridge.

The purpose of the scoping workshop is to explore the themes that could be investigated through 6-9 month feasibility studies. The workshop will involve small, multi-disciplinary discussions, with these discussions helping to identify areas of study. The themes to be explored in the workshop will include (but are not limited to) issues previously identified by the Bit by Bit project:

  1. Economics: the economics of 3D printing, including assessment of the cost advantages;
  2. IP: the protection of intellectual property and competitive advantage, including the protection of copyright;
  3. Materials: manufacturing issues such as the quality of materials and recyclability;
  4. Skills: education issues and the presence of the necessary skills in the labour market;
  5. Standards: manufacturing standardisation.

Participation from both academia and industry is welcomed, however places are limited. To indicate your interest in participating please complete the form below.

Following the workshop, proposals for feasibility studies will be invited. The approximate deadline for a 2 page proposal will be the end of February. Following the review of the proposals received, 2-3 feasibility studies will be conducted, with each study having a budget of £35k-£65k. These should be completed by the end of 2015. More details on this process will be communicated at the scoping workshop.

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