Papers accepted for APMS conference

We’re pleased to announce that two of our papers have been accepted for the forthcoming Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS) Conference being held in Tokyo in September. Both will be part of the special session previously announced on this blog. The abstracts for each of the papers are below; copies are available on request.

The Role of Additive Manufacturing in Improving Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

Mélanie Despeisse and Simon Ford

Additive manufacturing is heralded as a revolutionary process technology. While it has yet to cause a dramatic transformation of the manufacturing system, there are early signs of how the characteristics of this novel production process can improve resource efficiency and other sustainability aspects. In this paper, we draw on examples from a wide range of products and industries to understand the role of additive manufacturing in sustainable industrial systems. We identify four main areas in which the adoption of additive manufacturing is leading to improved resource efficiency: (1) product and process design; (2) material input processing; (3) make-to-order product and component manufacturing; and (4) closing the loop.

Defining the research agenda for 3D printing-enabled re-distributed manufacturing

Simon Ford and Tim Minshall

Advanced manufacturing technologies are changing how and where goods are produced, with established organisational practices and value chains being disrupted by the adoption of these technologies. The 3DP-RDM network has been created to explore the changes caused by such technologies, focusing on the emergence of 3D printing and the effects it is having on the re-distribution of manufacturing. This paper reports on the first activities of this network, describing the process used in a multi-disciplinary scoping workshop and the selection criteria for the feasibility study competition, and how these help to achieve the network achieve its objective of defining the research agenda for 3D printing-enabled re-distributed manufacturing.

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