New Bit by Bit team members

The Bit by Bit project recently welcomed two new researchers, Dr Mélanie Despeisse and Serena Flammini, to the team.

md621Mélanie is a Research Associate who joins us from the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the Institute for Manufacturing. In her previous research she has been working on tools and techniques to improve the eco-efficiency of factories. In joining the Bit by Bit team she’ll primarily be continuing the work that she’s begun with Simon Ford on investigating the sustainability issues and implications associated with the implementation of additive manufacturing. Mélanie will be part of the project until its completion at the end of 2016.

serena-flamminiSerena joins the project as an academic visitor. The work she does with us forms part of her doctoral studies at the Department of Business Studies at Roma Tre University. Serena’s research interests include open innovation, emerging technologies and start-up firms, not only in ICT but also in more traditional industries. While at IfM she’ll be working with Letizia Mortara to better understand technology commercialisation and business model innovation in additive manufacturing.


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