Results of the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Study Competition

The 2016 3DP-RDM Feasibility Study Competition came to a close four weeks ago with us receiving 24 applications. Today I’m able to announce that the review panel have selected the following four projects to receive funding:

  • A feasibility study of mass customisation governance: regulation, liability, and intellectual property of re‐distributed manufacturing in 3D printing, Phoebe Li, University of Sussex
  • 3D Printing Production Planning (3DPPP): reactive manufacturing execution driving re-distributed manufacturing, Martin Baumers, University of Nottingham
  • Supporting SMEs in creating value through 3DP-RPM, Peter Dorrington, PDR, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Driving Innovation in Redistributed Manufacturing: A Comparative Study in the British and Italian Motorsport Valleys, Paolo Aversa, City University London, and Sebastiano Massaro, University of Warwick

Our congratulations go to the successful applicants, whose projects you’ll be able to read more about soon. We regret that we couldn’t fund more projects and hope that those that we haven’t been able to support find alternative funding for their projects.

[Image source]

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